Stone Design Art Studio == modern stone mosaic, artists Ewelina Wrona and Michal Kotula.


Stone Design Art Studio offers an inimitable product – artistic stone mosaic..


Our works may be pictures set in frames, as well as elements permanently fitted into walls, floors or a fireplace. Combined with wood, they may be used to create a line of unique furniture, in which a large plane of stone mosaic can become a table top while a small ornament can serve as an original decoration.


In practice, the range of our services includes the preparation of a professional design project and the finished mosaic. We create a line of original products and compositions, thus maintaining uniqueness, as well as high artistic and technical quality. On customer request, we also create interpretations of works by renowned artists in mosaic. We can also work on transforming photos or motifs into mosaic.


Individual treatment of every order and uniqueness of each realization guarranteed.


Stone Design Art Studio

Archikwant Michał Kotula

41-908 Bytom, ul. Wiśniowa 41

NIP: 6262677681  POLAND


Tel.: (+48) 504 914 391